Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50Attaining 50 years of age is a wonderful feeling. It is that age when you are not that old but not that young either. It is somewhat like the feeling a teenager has when he is on the threshold of adulthood. As one grows old, it is common for the hair to start growing thin. However it is in your hands to get it styled so that you get the feeling of being young all over the body. We shall discuss some of the exquisite hairstyles of some of the most beautiful women.

1Sharon Stone: Wispy Pixie

The soft cut adopted by Sharon Stone lends an element of wispiness to her looks. As it is she has alluring looks. On top of that, this beautiful hairstyle makes her that much more attractive. Her contours are such that the hair should be a little longer at the ears to look attractive. This is a versatile hairstyle in the sense that she has an option to have a shaggy look or a tucked up look. It is entirely up to her.



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