Some of the Best and Cute Cat Tattoo Designs for Cat Lovers

Cats have started to overtake dogs as the favorite pets around the world. Cats have been around humans for many decades and these pretty little animals have evolved over the centuries to adapt to the lifestyles of their human companions making them extremely loving, caring, loyal and intelligent creatures. In today’s time cats have been associated with freedom and independence. Various cultures and traditions have mentioned cats in various forms to convey some message. They have even become symbols of rebellion.

Cat lovers around the world don’t care about the traditions and want to display their love and affection towards these felines by various means; this includes wearing and using stuff with the images of these cute animals. One such form of expressing their passion towards cats is getting inked with various cat tattoo designs. A good cat tattoo artist is able to create some very beautiful and lovely cat tattoo designs, which you can flaunt with style. Cat tattoos have been the favorite tattoo designs created by different cat tattoo artists for the longtime. Cat tattoos are not restricted to any particular gender as these lovely creatures are extremely attractive and impressive.

The following are some of the popular cat tattoo designs that are created by cat tattoo artists around the world.

– Small and Cute Cat Tattoo Designs – 

1Small Cat Tattoo Design

The following small and cute cat tattoo design can be made anywhere on the body. Simply adding color to the overall cat design accentuates the beauty of this cute feline. This cat tattoo is designed on a thigh and looks absolutely gorgeous because of the various colors used.